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    Hi,I recently started thinking about a career in ohs- my past 3 jobs have all required me to keep a diligent eye out for hazards, first aiding and making sure ppl are safe, and I feel this would be a career that I would feel fulfilling. What would you recommend for someone starting from scratch? I hear lots of places hire from within an organization, which could make it hard to get in. ive seen all these study options- certificates, degrees, masters... Where's a logical place to start? I don't have the finances to go back to uni full time for the next few years... But I do want to know my stuff. Any recommendations? And any specific courses you have heard to be good in melbourne?Thanks,Cassie

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    I would suggest doing your certificate IV in health & safety. Many companies offer this online and at your own pace, and dependant on what you have done within the workplace you could get RPL for areas.

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    Hi Caslea
    I agree with belindac that a Cert IV in OHS is a good starting point however it should be only a starting point as further qualifications in other areas as Cert IV Training and Assessment, Auditing, Investigation or Drug and Alcohol are a few areas where you can expand
    You haven't given too much information on you background however people from technical backgrounds make very good safety practioners for example tradespeople as they have had the practical skills and training in various fields
    In saying that others without these skills can with training and experience make very good safety people it just takes them a little longer
    Good luck with what ever you choose you will find the safety field a very rewarding career although sometimes very frustrating


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    Don't count on too much RPL from TAFE (NSW) I was heavily involved with OHS in Defence and when I went to get RPL for my Cert IV was told that none of my experience was relevant and so had to do entire course.

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    I'm in the same boat as you Caslea and have taken the plunge to complete a masters of OHS/Ergo at Latrobe. I have a exercise/sports science background so I felt I could continue to implement some of my knowledge from my previous studies and couple it with the OHS roles I undertake at work currently in addition to the new skills I'll gain within my studies. From speaking with a couple of people, you are best to undertake a formal course that is recognised if you wish to get accredited as a safety professional. I've been also told I'm better to get work to subsidise the short courses that will help beef up my resume such as doing a lead auditor course or short course in occupational hygiene.
    Hope this helps and good luck - I'm excited to be making the jump!

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    Hi all
    I came from a Trade back ground and former HSR did my cert iv and now find you need the Diploma to be taken seriously.
    A lot of places seem to like you to have had HR background so you can fit in and self insurance keeps you out of a lot of jobs too unless you've had 5 to 7years worth of experience.
    Then again, I got lucky with my ability to work risk assessments and plant registers and put out spot fires so I got a start and hope to build from there! Give it a go or you'll never know eh but do the diploma

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    Cert IV WHS >Diploma WHS > internal auditor AS4801 > investigator (cert IV or diploma) > diploma of emergency management > lead auditor WHS> advanced diploma WHS.

    Should take 2-3 years and $12,000 plus some good operational experience.

    Forget tertiary. No consistency and most companies tend to pass on uni OHS quals as they don't want "book smart" OHS people. Need skill and knowledge

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