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Thread: Gathering

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    I'm new here obviously but looking through some of the topics on the forum and just wondering where we are all based...are we all over the country etc, just contemplating the potential for a gathering maybe...thoughts?

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    Perth West Australia.
    Sharing ideas and experience would be great

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    Thanks Mike,

    Four months later mate seems there isn't much following or interest here in a gathering. Regardless I would be more than happy to continue via email should you be interested.

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    I just joined.

    Sharing info online is enough

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    Gathering II

    The Forum was very active over the last few years but dropped off after, I belive, being hacked.
    The more people that respond and use it the better - promote through OHS Safety Groups, local business and Industry groups and the Gathering will be re-born.
    No question is stupid or too hard.


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    I am working as a safety manager for a company that just wants to tick boxes and gain accreditation without doing the work required.
    Hoping that the safety manager can guide them through an audit and hide the deficiencies, also hoping the accreditation auditor will turn a blind eye in the name of keeping a client.
    Meanwhile the managers do nothing in the way of safety, in fact go out of their way to undermine the safety manager by hiding incidents and not reporting accidents.
    Along with the constant criticism of safety as "its all bull**** as far as I am concerned"
    Its a hard gig.

    I am beginning to understand why some safety people (from my previous employment) were so jaded.

    I have concentrated on working with the actual workers and bypassing the managers (not by choice) at least by doing this I have got the accident and injury rates down (even tho they are now being reported)

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    carrum downs Victoria, Australia

    You have not said what State you are in ?
    Regards your problem - if the Company you work for is that bad you would most likley have a workplace with poor IR - it's a wonder that an employee has not called in an Inspector through an anonomous complaint or reporting a serious incident to the Authority. It will only take one serious incident or complaint that is investigated by the regulator to clarify a Managers / Supervisors role and responsibility under legislation and if any " accreditation auditor " is deliberatly fudging and audit finding he should be reported to the accreditaion agency IE> RABQSA/ Exemplar Global.
    I know I have to work hard to keep my certification and work to a strict set of rules for all my Audits ( see certificate number 111120 with RABQSA/ Exemplar Global to see what I have to justify for re-registration )


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    I am in WA,

    I threw all the books open when the auditor came, he said "No way should you have certification for safety and quality" when we were speaking.
    But we have a list of improvements to do to keep the accreditation.
    I dont believe this company should have accreditation for safety and quality.
    No management plan is followed, no meetings are held to try and fix the non conformances, no quality policy is vaguely followed.
    The improvements will be half arsed botched up measures with me having to fight for every little improvement.
    Which is why I am seeking alternate employment.

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    carrum downs Victoria, Australia
    Looks like the Auditor did his job - he listed non - conformance and now it is up to the Company to fix it.
    They will be caught out sooner or later - you will be able to look back when you are in your new position.
    Just remember that in a Safety Managers role you can only give advice and direction - the Managers and Supervisors manage the workplace not you.


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    Yes thanks for that.

    I had some interesting discussions with the so called Operations Manager when I tried to explain to him that he was actually responsible for safety.
    He was of the opinion that since I was the safety manager, I had to do everything and he was free to do what he liked.

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