Hi everyone,

My name is Jeremy, from Perth WA. I'm in a bit of a tough situation...
I have completed a Postgrad Dip in Occ Health and Safety after I finished my undergrad Bachelor in Science (Exercise and Sports Science).

Having gone straight from high school to Sports Science, then straight into the postgrad in OHS, I have no industry or operational experience what so ever! I realise now that this probably was the wrong way to go about things but too late to go back now I guess... And to make things worse the University I attended for OHS offered no practical placements to worksites anywhere (not sure if this is normal or not).

Now coming to 10months since I have graduated I am starting to get worried I'm running out of time and wasting my time! I have probably have applied for 50+ jobs but I know why I am getting knocked back when I need at least 2 years experience to get a look in...

So I guess what I'm asking if anyone knows of or has any positions for a new grad to gain valuable experience and industry skills and knowledge? Please let me know. Also if anyone has any advice to give me or things I could do I would greatly appreciate it! (I have construction white card and am completing Cert IV TAE this month).

As the metaphor goes "I just need to get my foot in the door".