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    Question PPE for Working at height

    Hello everyone,

    I'm from South Asia and this is my first post in this forum and I'm looking forward to be an active member here.
    I'm new to HSE work and I'm currently working as a HSE Officer at a manufacturing plant. There are technicians who have to work sometimes at height. For that, we have provided them stable portable aluminium stepladders of sizes 4 & 8 feet. I'm very much concerned about my workers whenever they get to work at height. I was thinking of providing them with PPE so that would reduce the chance of getting injured for particularly the ones working at 8 feet ladder. My question is what PPE should I provide? I'm considering Safety Helmets, Safety Harnesses and what else should I provide? Or am I doing too much?


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    Starting at wrong end


    Sorry to say this but you will need to look at the OHS / WHS Legislation depending on what State ( or maybe Comcare )you are in.

    The Legislation is clear - identify the hazards, consider the risks and put in appropriate controls using the heiracy of controls as your guide - start with consultation and the elimination of the hazards and finish with PPE as the last consideration ( you should consider each level of the heiracy, working down to PPE, and not just pick the one that is the easiest ). If they have to work at heights then you should be looking at preventing them falling. Not certain how a hard hat will do that !
    Ladders are still a big problem, and banned in some Industries, as they should have three points of contact at all times and the ladder secured - can you use scissor lifts, cherry pickers or scaffold ?

    As I have indicated in past threads - join a local Safety Group or talk to an Industry Group.


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