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    Electric forklift fumes

    Hi there,
    I am worried about the build up of corrosion all over the batteries on the fork I use at work. Yesterday (the batteries must have leaked when I was on it) the corrosion even ate through the weld connecting the batteries to the rest of the fork. Up until this point, I had a headache and my thoughts felt clouded. Would this have any relation to the battery leak or corrosion? I am using the same machine today and noticed a headache almost as soon as I hopped on the fork and my mind seems blank. Any answers are much appreciated, thanks for your time.

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    Any information is also appreciated. Tried to search for some on Google but couldn't find much.

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    fumes from battery area of forklift

    Fumes should not be taken lightly - it appears you have a chemical reaction as you get on a car battery. Old remedy is use vasoline around terminals to stop corrosion but more important have the forklift serviced.
    Have you reported it on your daily pre- start inspection sheet ?
    Will not comment on your symptons but if you believe the fumes are causing a health problem see a Doctor.


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