Date of Outcome: 21/08/2015

Outcome: On 4 March 2014, WorkSafe Inspectors Glen Woods and Alexander Finlay attended at the accused's property at 1580 Bacchus Marsh Road, Anakie having made an appointment. When they arrived, the accused was on the property, behind a closed gate. The inspectors identified themselves and produced their identification cards and provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 relating to rights of entry.

The accused refused the inspectors entry stating that he would go to jail to protect his and his family's privacy. Having been refused entry, the inspectors left the site.

Court: Magistrates' Court
Fine: $0.00
Costs: $1,872.09
Published: 28/08/2015
Category: Offences in relation to inspectors

Source: Worksafe Vic Web site