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    It's interesting also that because of social media, emails and other technological aids to business, that work pressure is almost all-pervasive, no matter what time of day or night. Does this mean that occupational mental health/stress risk management obligations are no longer limited to the workplace? It's always been much more clear-cut when it comes to physical work safety. Worth thinking about.

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    I would be enthusiastic about looking at your example pressure control plan. It is a increasing issue at our office and we are looking at methods to deal with it and offer support that performs as well separating the actual situations from the fake.....

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    Re: Brovy - Pressure Control Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by Brovy View Post
    I would be enthusiastic about looking at your example pressure control plan. It is a increasing issue at our office and we are looking at methods to deal with it and offer support that performs as well separating the actual situations from the fake.....
    It is a simple approach but with powerful and widespread benefits. I shall try to explain in a few sentences.

    The principle is that a passionate interest totally remote from work pressures not only gives the worker some relief from stress but positively improves self esteem, self confidence, lateral thinking, talent and skill development and maximized development of one's potential to blossom. I have almost completed what I call a Positive Position Statement on the issue of Workers Health and Safety (the name is changed under the new legislation).
    Key points are
    [LIST] The mind is now the workplace - useable for work at any time and any place 24/7
    [LIST] The employer has a legal responsibility to manage OHS stress risks (bearing in mind the above first point)
    • WHS legislation (and the concept of compliance) is inappropriate for managing emotional stress
    the way to reduce the risk is to find ways of helping people to stay mentally strong and healthy.
    The concept of leisure has changed under modern day constant pressure and stress from something to do in 'free time' to it's time immemorial role of being "nature's stress manager" - energizing the mind, body and spirit to cope with stress and build resilience
    It's a new concept for business to accept but my 40 years of working professionally in recreeation and leisure planning and development tells me it works - I am my own proof.
    Lot's more to tell. If you can contact me privately I can arrange to give you a copy of my Position Statement and direct you to other information I have compiled.

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    Psychosocial Hazards are real and are part of the OHS practitioners ever increasing field. This actually costs insurers millions of $'s per year, one of the biggest professions to suffer from this is the Teaching profession. It is very hard to prove/disprove and investigators can take weeks even months on individual cases. Due to its nature you can not press too hard for answers as if the stress exists you do not want to exacerbate this condition with undue pressure. With regard to the work place there can be pointers to stresses. How the staff interact with each other, how the managers and supervisors talk to their staff, how strong is the manager, is there an open door policy, regular meetings and can staff contact the OHS department directly without fear of retribution, is it confidential? Is the staffing level sufficient to cope with the growth, are phones being answered appropriately and information passed, does everyone know their role and team work is encouraged? It is a very diverse subject and you can carry on writing about this, bullying, long hours, working through breaks and so on.

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    Workplace Stress is a psychological phenomenon and can't be measured or quantified as everyone is different. Although a few countries lump such factors of Human Resource Management (to include bullying) into Occupational Health, they don't belong there. (A worker can always refuse overtime work (paid), or environmental differential pay (like hot work), if it's not a condition of employment (part of the job description) without fear of retribution.) Our field is a medical field where we can recognize/identify hazards, take measurements as possible, interpret results based upon standards, and make recommendations to mitigate the hazards. I have seen this trend here in AU/NZ and the field isn't practiced anywhere in the world like this except here. We are trained in Safety, Occupational Health and a few us also in Environmental Engineering. If an employee were to come to me to ask about feelings of work stress, I would refer them to their clinical physician, I have absolutely no business getting in between doctor/patient confidentiality. If an employee were to come to me about workplace bullying, I would recommend the person contact his supervisor and the HR Staff in a team meeting to resolve it. Some people have very thin skins (can't take criticism-confusing this with bullying) - like sexual harassment, it's best to confront it early (nipped in the bud) and head-on so everyone is on the same page.

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    Here in Australia the field of OH&S is practiced far differently than it is in most western countries. It is two tiered. One tier is the scientific practices of safety engineering and (occupational medicine) industrial hygiene, and the other tier is HR-based which deals with insurance: i.e., Return to Work, Labor Policy, and compensation programs. The two tiers have some interface, but are largely unrelated. Current practice is leaning toward placing WorkPlace Bullying Programs in the HR tier along with such programs as Sexual Harassment, and discrimination due to age, race, creed, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. When discussing safety with others it is important to let them know which part of the OH&S tier your part of to avoid any misunderstandings. Most large corporations are including the HR Labor policy regarding OHS&E in their public CSR statement.

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    I think stress is a huge problem and a genuine OH&S issue.

    I have offered counseling to stressed staff so they can find coping strategies to handle stress.
    The company I work for use a great counseling service and it helps , (I know because I tried it)
    That is only part of the problem tho, every effort should be looked into , work load, work systems should be under constant scrutiny.
    This is not just an OH&S issue its also good business thinking to keep people in tip top condition.

    An area that needs the most work is stress at work caused by workplace psychopaths.

    If you have them, you have big problems.

    I have seen some terrible things in workplaces caused by "WPs"

    I bet every person that reads this will have seen the same thing.

    The trouble is WPs are like a computer virus, very hard to uncover and almost impossible to get rid of.

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    I don't have problems with WPs, as a senior mgr, I fire them and let them create problems for someone else's program. There is simply no room for bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace... the company I work for has a zero tolerance policy and all the employees have to sign it before being hired on to acknowledge their understanding. Sure people are given a fair go; the benefit of the doubt... but when it's all said and done, it is really difficult to take back was said or done and put a positive spin on it. The job of any business is to create a positive and efficient corporate culture... this is done over years of dedicated hard work on improving the organizational climate. One bad employee can be devastating to the progress the organization is making to move forward towards organizational maturity. The safety program is just one aspect of the corp culture. Our aim is always to instill work safe behaviors that employees will do the right thing when no one is looking!

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    Lucky you Rob

    There must be hundreds of employers that hang out the zero tolerance shingle regarding bullying.

    But very few that actually follow through.

    I got completely shafted by the WA Dept of Agriculture when I tried to use their system to defend myself against a WP.

    Its a very difficult problem, mainly because its so big and still considered acceptable by so many people.(if you judge people by their actions and not their words)

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    ABC radio had some good coverage this weekend past.

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